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How to install lost model alarms episode?

With the grass starting to get taller, I am finding it hard to find my quad! How about an episode that teaches what lost model alarms are available and how to install them.... I would especially like to learn how to install an alarm on pre built production quads, such as a JJRC X1, or a Hubsan X4, and how to install alarms like the "screamy" sold by hobbyking.
There actually is one. I believe it came out last fall and focuses on a GPS homing device you can place on the craft. The product was meant, I think, for a phone but they adapted it to place on their plane. I don't know what to suggest to search for on their site but if you scroll back a few months you should come across it.
Thanks for the link... I think I will try a similar device called a pebble bee-
I just ordered one.
But, I think that their range is going to be pretty limited.

And I just lost my quad in the willows down by the river ( before I got an Alarm installed .... about 30 acres of small head high willows) we have searched for hours every day! I sure wish that there was a device I could have mounted on my JJRC that would have been easy to install!!!