Help! How to mount FPV cam on FT Mini Scout?

Hey folks! I just built a mini scout with the intention of mounting an FPV cam in the cockpit, similar to Bixler’s backyard FPV setup from during the pandemic. I’ve got the camera (Caddix ANT AIO 16:9 bought from Flite Test store) hooked up and working great, but the camera gets HOT when it’s powered up for more than a few seconds!

I was planning to just tack the camera to a popsicle stick with a small dab of hot glue, but now I’m worried the camera temps will melt the glue and it’ll fall off!

What‘s the best way to mount the camera to a ”post” sticking up out of the cockpit of the Mini Scout? Do any of you have any recommendations?


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yes they do get very hot so you usually have to keep some air flowing past it.
also instead of hot glue i use double sided tape for my aio fpv cameras


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Hot glue will hold it fine when flying. The air moving past the camera will keep it cool enough to not remelt the glue.


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Use double sided tape. Yeah, the hot glue might hold it on when in flight, but woe betide you should you land far away, as the camera will remain on until you walk up to it and unplug it. And there's no air moving over it when it's sitting on the ground.