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How to power your FPV Goggles from a 5V Powerbank (ft. Quanum V2 Pro)


Monitor-based goggles (headboxes) are a very nice way to get into FPV flying without breaking the bank.
But if you do not get an AiO pair of goggles that has a built-in battery or at least come with one (and possibly a suitable charger), you will certainly need a pair to enjoy your flights without worrying about the battery running out.
Why not power your goggles with a 5V power bank and use it to charge your phone or even your micro quad's batteries as well?
By using a DC to DC Step-up (booster) board, you can increase the voltage of your power bank to a voltage suitable for your goggles and take advantage of a small sized high capacity power supply.

This setup is ideal for a portable ground station setup:
I connect this via the harness to an LCD5802D FPV monitor with diversity receiver and battery built-in. It is mounted on a studio light stand along with the powerbank. This way the goggles remain very lightweight, the reception is good and the overall setup is fairly light and portable.
You also have just 2 things to charge and people can spectate from the monitor while you are using the goggles.

You can watch the quick guide here:

Equipment used in this video:

DC-DC Step up (booster) boards with solder pads for input:
or https://goo.gl/6Kx1I1
or https://goo.gl/l3IadU

DC-DC Step up (booster) boards with micro USB for input:
or https://goo.gl/krmm5o

Very useful heat shrink kit:
or https://goo.gl/AWYGMq
or https://goo.gl/Nj0Bqz

Automatic cable stripper (great for thin wires):
or https://goo.gl/F8GqjZ
or https://goo.gl/YQONgY

USB Power Meter:
or https://goo.gl/K9pMRZ

Xiaomi 10000mah Power Bank (best VFM, Version 1):
or https://goo.gl/CohI1v

Xiaomi 10000mah Power Bank (best VFM, Version 2):
or https://goo.gl/P3s05p