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How to print the tiled plans


Mr. Gee Bee
Hey guys, I have done a search and can't find if I am correct in assuming that I can print the FT Racer Tiled Plans as is without specifying some option settings for my printer? If so - do I just cut the overlapped paper margin off and tape together in the order it shows and cut my foam using that template?



Senior Member
Sounds like you're on the right track. The pages will print out with lines that you can line up to each other when you tape them together. Some have suggested ways of using a light box or glass table or even taping them up to a sliding glass door so that you can line them up even easier. The numbers and layout are already printed out on the plans as well. After they are all lined up, make sure all the pieces are taped together as well, cut them out of paper, trace them onto the foam board and keep them for later. At least that's how I've done them. There are many different tricks I'm sure other guys and even Flite Test has come up with. Good luck and keep building!