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How To reverse a servo (via internal soldering)


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I buy a Bixler 2 and 2 normal servos for flaps. DUN DUN DUN they both move the same way! I should have ordered a red case servo.

Show us how to solder inside a blue HXT servo to reverse it.


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I am confused
Forrest clearly shows you how to reverse the internal motor wires however you want chad to show you instead?.
It seems like an open and shut case my fried, sorry if I have offended you with my response.


Hostage Taker of Quads
BTW, that's a spam-bot that's cross-posting a snipit of similar context (in this case servo-reversing warning from a TRAXXIS manual), then the payload is the link in the sig.

*don't click the link* at best you're rewarding the bot, at worst, you'll wander onto a maware site and potential hacks.

It's been reported. I'm sure one of the mods will clear it out when they can.