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hello flyers.

just want to shar with you all.

one of my creations.

Made out of depron and kind of gorilla glue. All woden spars. in fact cheap.

runs on 1500w on 6s with 25 gr servos. flaps mixed with elevator.

The rest is pure fun


In this picture, one can see the scale of this Big Pig: above is sitting my MPX Acromaster... Karl first built this plane in 2metres span. I made a little Pig (1m60) and it flies more "nervous". The wing surface has to be big enough to float indeed. It's the inertia of the big ones.

We share this 'staight-ahead-design' on this forum, cause it's very 'Flite Test-esque'; hah. It gives inspiration, maybe a build-along... ?

Both Karl and I are flying at the WVLAC Moorsele; in the west side of Belgium. Before we heard of Flite Test, Karl has always brought the fun factor in our club. Even before brushless-and-Li-Po-days, he experimented with elektro and depron foam; the glorious days of Graupner Speed and Ni-Cd batteries... . The flying fun we already had at hot summer evenings...

Humble Belgian greetings,
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yes,its not little,look picture from my friend Mr H, flaps are mixed with elevator, thats a little secret but works unbelivebel good,its like ,when things go good,landing on eggs without cleaning work.