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Hubsan X4 Pro


Gravity Tester
There may be a DJI Phantom competitor. Hubsan unveiled their X4 Pro at CES this year. They claim 40 minute flight times, although the guy in the video says 30, and full GPS functionality. It even has a 3-axis gimbal even though the landing gear does not retract...and the best part... it has an emergency parachute! It also has a proprietary TX (the size of a keyboard!) and 1080p camera. Disappointingly the images they chose to advertise with seem to suggest flying over sporting events and urban areas; the places you should NOT be flying over. Cost is $1500 (1-axis gimbal) . Thoughts?

Here is the website for details

Tested also did a short video on it at CES:


Junior Member
Wow that is really cool. Lots of features packed into that quad. Transmitter looks crazy! I hope FliteTest will do a review on it and see if that parachute will actually work.


Senior Member
Looks cool, but the price seems high, higher than a low end phantom, sure, it won't allow 1080p streaming but... also 1 axis gimbal ? that seems kinda pointless...

the quad itself looks pretty nice though.