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Huge RC/FPV/Plane/Quad Lot

Unfortunately I have to get out of RC. Letting entire lot go...Local pickup Near Tampa/New Port Richey, Florida
Craigslist ad for Pictures

Selling ENTIRE RC Lot. TONS of stuff for the Beginner all the way to Advanced. Pictures show everything in detail but below is the list and will probably find a few other extras that I forgot about in with the deal. Due to the nature of the hobby lot is sold as is, however, the more expensive equipment
I will demo such as DX6 radio/quad/fpv system. Lot is well worth over $1300. Consider trades for firearm related such as (9mm or .45acp handguns such as Glocks 19/30/30sf, etc or ??? Difference must be made up for in cash.) Everything is in very good condition.

Spektrum DX6 (lipo battery upgrade)
DX6i (roller button was repaired and still works)
Heli TX610 for AXE100cp heli
Heli Max FM tx
Fatshark Teleporter V4 w/headtracking combo with micro FPV camera (VS1100)
Fatshark pan/tilt platform with fatshark camera
200mw video TX
IBcrazy blubeam clover leaf antennas
Miscellaneous cables, adapters, connectors, props, quick disconnects, surgical tubing, etc. (a lot of it)
Turnigy Accucel 6 charger w/ac adapter (lots of battery connectors)
Spektrum AR610
Orange RX35 w/dsm2 with 3 axis flight stabilization (NEW)
Three R620 6-Channel RX
GY48v Gryro
SIX-30AMP speed controllers
Three-Hobbywing Motors HB2832
FOUR-Zippy 3s 2200mAh lipo batteries
TWO-Turnigy 3s 2200mAh batteries
Misc 1s lip batteries for mini planes/FPV camera/AXE100 cp heli

PLANES: (ALL fly and have motors, servos, esc, etc..)
250 Mini Quad with Emax MT2204, ESC, flight controller, RTF
FT Flyer mini
FT Flyer standard
FT Versa w/nose FPV modification
FT Bloody Wonder w/rudder
Twin boom FPV platform

Text is fastest and easiest to avoid spam/crap. If you email include a phone number and "Huge RC/FPV/Plane/Quad Lot" in email. Thanks
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