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I (16), never flew a drone ;), want to build my first drone!

Hi FliteTest community!

I'm 16 years old and live at the moment in Austria (no Kangaroos:rolleyes:)more presicely I live in Vienna. I fly, since the age of 12, planes but mostly R/C gliders. I still go to school and so my budged is really small but I'm very keen to start this hobby. It would be really great to hear from you and when you could help me, either with knowledge or parts.
About a half a year ago I started to build myself a frame for a hexacopter, by copying it from an article of the german FMT magazine. The frame would have been made out of carbonfiber, but it was never build to end, due to the fact that I couldn't buy all of the electronics, because my budget is really low and sadly I didn't get them for my birthday!

Here are the things I would need:
  1. knowledge
  2. Quadframe
  3. 4x motors
  4. 4x ESC
  5. receiver
  6. 4x props (at least, bescause i think I will destroy some)
  7. Fpv goggles or screen
  8. Fpv camera
  9. Lipo battery
  10. anything missing?

I have a Spektrumm Dx8 1.Gen.
I don't know anything about these receivers and Esc's, because they seame to me very different to the plane ones.

I'm very keen to hear from you all out there!

With best regards

Tyson Haslam

Fairly new kwad-goer
Hi Elias!
As of the moment, I have no parts to give (I too am pretty new at this hobby). I'll definitely give some pointers though! What kind of tools do you have? What kind of tips specifically do you want to hear?
All the best