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I am 13 and really interested in starting in RC planes

I need a cheap durable and easy to fly plane to learn on. preferably under 100 dollars.
Also i was wondering if the planes on this site are easy to learn on. Post any planes you can think of that fit the description and please answer my question. Thanks!


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He's right, you can't not fly a Champ. I learned on it, then moved up to an Old Fogey. And you can use the Champ transmitter with an $6 orangeX receiver if you decide to put together a Fogey or Flyer without dropping money on a new transmitter (though I recommend it).
+1 on the Champ.
I learnt on the Champ, & kept flying it after I bought other planes.
Its great to learn on, hard to break, and alot of fun.


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It fits the requirements listed, and then some. It flies easy and great, it's under a hundred dollars for the whole package. It comes in a box that you can use as a transport system to keep it safe. It looks good in the air, and looks like a real airplane. It's a great plane to fly for a beginner and someone with experience.
also if you get a 160x70mm prop like from the su-26m also from parkzone you can actualy use it for 3d. dont ask me how but i have a su26xp and used to have a champ (died a few weeks ago:mad::mad:) but the champ was easier to hover !!!!!!!!!!!!! thats all it can do 3d and since you dont have alireons you cant stop it from tourk rolling. it can do inverted flight and barrel rolls quite easy as well. my first champ was my first real plane and i still enjoyed flying the second one right up until when it died a few weeks ago (going to have to get another:eek::eek: !!!!!!!!!!!)

just my two pennys (cents)