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I am a idiot


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you know those moments when you want to go fly...... i had that this morning so i packed my drone and headed to the city. It was slightly raining when i left but when i got where i wanted to fly.... it was a thunderstorm, so i go get a haircut and hope it passes by. Well it didnt so i went shopping for nothing in perticular just to pass the time and when i come out it has stopped enough for me to get the the shot i wanted so i pull my drone out get it ready and look for my remote! its GONE! i look franticly everywhere.But i cant find my remote, i could have swore i put it in!! so lesson learned dont drive 35 mile and realize you dont have your damn remote with you:rolleyes::ROFLMAO: but heck its all about memories and thats going to be another one lol.

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i have done that a couple of times. one time a was on a latter doing and installation and i'm on the phone when then my hand brushes by my hip and notice my phone is missing, i start panicking and tell my friend to hold on and at that moment i realize that i have my phone on my hand. LOL
@Randomkid87 and @mach1 rc do you guys know each other other than on the forums? I've done that with my trucks - go somewhere to drive and then realize you don't have the transmitter. It really sucks! :poop: