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Solved I can’t figure out what’s wrong


New member
I just bought the umx timber and it’s stuck on full flaps I can’t figure out how to change that I have a switch that has 0 flaps, half and full but everytime I switch it, it doesn’t do anything. I have the Spektrum dxe transmitter


Elite member
You will need the lead for the DXE that connects to the phone app so you can sort that out.
I suspect your trouble is that you have not got enough channels on a 6 channel DXe to operate both the SAFE modes, panic switch and flaps. You should read the manual, it shows you which channels to set up.
1-4 are the usual controls, 5 (gear) is set to SAFE on/off and 6 is flaps.
Also posting the same question in multiple forums is not good, it annoys people who might be able to help you.