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I can't find the Tri-copters flying through an old building episode.

A number of weeks ago I watched one of the flitetest episodes, where the main guys were using fpv, and flying through an old derelict building. They were following each other and at one point Mr. Bixler flew over the edge of the building and got vertigo.

I especially loved that episode and was going to show it to a friend. But I can't find it, and every search term I've used so far has come up with a blank. Does anyone remember what the episode is called, or can point me to where it is??


OK then guys. Which episode shows Josh & Josh trying out different types of helicopter, from the very basic to the more advanced? It's another episode I'd like to show a friend (he's not sure which type to get).

It's very frustrating when you've seen an episode in the past and can't find it again. I think some of the descriptions on youtube need changing (maybe it's just me).
Ah yes. I bow to your superior knowledge FlyingMonkey. Now, tell me where I left that million pound check (sorry, I mean million Dollar check), then I'll be happy :)