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I changed my mind about quads. They are awesome.


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I've stated a few times here that I'm "not really a quad guy" or "not into quads". This is probably because my experience with them had been pretty limited:

- flying a camera drone at an ag demo event, I think a DJI Phantom. It was nice, but expensive. I didn't have a usage case for it and it was boring to fly.
- flying a couple friends' brushed toy "drones" that they thought I would like to try because I like RC airplanes. Their micro 1s lipo and tiny motors could barely beat back a gentle breeze, and flying them in angle mode (the only mode) LOS was both confusing and dull. And push-button flips etc. are not impressive, the point of tricks is that they are hard.
- seeing them flying off the shelves around Christmas as a toy for kids who couldn't fly a paper airplane.

So I'm sorry guys, but I generally had the opinion that multicopters were kind of the ultimate trainer, a thing for people who want to fly something but don't want the challenge of having to land it. Racing looked kind of fun, but I was always more into fixed wing pylon racing i.e. Red Bull Air Race.

WELL... after a couple days of kicking around in sim to develop skills for practical use of a quad, I've now learned how to fly ACRO passably. And let me tell you, my opinion has turned around as quick as a race quad. ACRO unlocks their true potential and these things go like a cat with its tail on fire. You can put them anywhere, in any attitude, at any speed that your skill allows! And my simulated lap times show me that my skill is meager and the pros are unbelievably fast. FPV Freerider is an ultimately basic game - quad goes through gates, repeat - but it's proof that challenging gameplay beats graphics any day, because I can't stop flying it. And I'm glad I sprung for the Hall gimbals when I bought my TX, because the stick control is super fine. Might have to try a pinch style as I've always been a thumb flyer.

So now as well as my 8" heavy sheep herder build I'll be picking up a second 5" Source One frame to build a 250 class freestyle/racer to tear up the yard. Way too much fun. And instead of "I'll build it when it gets here" I can't wait for those frames to be back in stock somewhere! I'm excited to fly one of these things for real!


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Glad I was able to convince you guys as well :sneaky:

Now I just need to get some local guys interested so that we can have a racing scene out here. If teach some of the boys to fly at least I'll never go short of herding help again... Though I probably will have to buy a lot of props


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Just a heads up... yer gonna be buying alotta props no matter what you do.

As far as getting others to fly with ya I wish you good luck specialky if you are in a small town like me.

Four years flying now and I only know of two other "pilots". One is a teenager with a syma x5 he brings out once every other month. The other is an ambulance driver with an original phantom.

Start your crew with family members. Once there is more then one person it all looks more interesting.


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What has brought a lot of flyers together around here is Tiny Whoop racing. Cheap and fun to do and being able to do it indoors up here in the Nort country it is becoming a pretty big hit. In the last 2 months we have 4 new guys that have never done anything RC in the past.


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What has brought a lot of flyers together around here is Tiny Whoop racing. Cheap and fun to do and being able to do it indoors up here in the Nort country it is becoming a pretty big hit. In the last 2 months we have 4 new guys that have never done anything RC in the past.
I'll agree to that. We actually have a MultiGP chapter starting up in San Diego that's flying all TinyWhoops, and they're doing it at various breweries. We go through, set up some LED gates, fly through the brewery around the people watching, and they absolutely love it! We get to fly at a place we don't get chased out of, they get to watch, and the brewery gets more people showing up at their tasting room. It's a win-win all around. :) And since we have a TON of microbreweries in North County San Diego area, there are a dearth of places for us to potentially fly.


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That's pretty cool and I didn't think about indoor racing. I've never looked seriously at the Tiny Whoops since the wind would readily defeat them, but they could be flown in the rink, equipment sheds and all manner of indoor locations out here. Yes, there are only a couple guys into RC at all here, and nobody flying quads at all. I'm not even in a small town, I'm on a ranch 20 miles from even the smallest towns! So it's hard to get people together for stuff like this. I was chatting with some guys at the LHS in the city though, and there is a growing 250 race scene there, so it might be worth making the trip once in awhile.

The brewery thing sounds great. Lots of terrain to fly around, and most of it is robust stainless that can't be hurt by crashes. And beer on tap (y)


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@evranch if I had a ranch I would have to set up an unused pasture and host races a couple times a year.

Most times there is a pasture in the needs to grow back stage that rotates each season.

Make your own lil flite fest for quad racing. With multi gp there is low chance for knuckleheads to be stupid so AMA insurance should make your insururer happy.

The organization of the races is already set. All that is needed is a few venders for parts n food. Maybe a porta potty or two.

Then find a person with good personality to call the races.


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@PsyBorg I was thinking of doing just that, and was chatting with the guys at LHS last time I was in the city about the idea. They said with three guys I can start my own "club" and the whole ranch could be insured as a club field under MAAC (Canadian AMA).

Could be a fun event, have quad races, guys can bring their larger FPV planes and do some longer distance cruising, and we could have some fixed wing FPV races as well and a combat event. Bring a tent and camp on the lawn, it would be pretty cool.

Thing is I'm pretty busy this year with some heavy expansion of the ranch but it's definitely something I'd like to do in the future.


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Just make sure you are up to speed with channel and power management and enforcement.

That is a huge problem at events. Specially with newer people.