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I don't need none of that fancy three-axis powered gimbal headtracking nonsense!


Winter is coming
Hmmm... I was gonna agree, but mostly because I haven't got my APM 2.6 yet. I'm using velcro tape and straps for my cameras.
I think I will do that, Mustang. So far I only have three FPV flights under my belt, and I have just kind of hovered around. When I get confident enough to go forward faster it will be nice to have the camera pitched.


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Be cautious when doing FPV the first couple times with a pitching camera. You get consciously or subconsciously acclimated to that set horizon and then it gets thrown out of whack and you can easily find yourself in the ground or settling into trees.


Senior Member
Cyberdactyl is right. I find that if I lean the camera forward, I go fly slower. If I lean it back (up) a little, I fly faster. Landing and adjusting the angle midflight messes with my head.