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I exist

If you've ever put on VR goggles, you can see how easy it is to trick the mind as to wnat's real and what isn't. What about dreams? They seem real enough while you're dreaming. Have you ever dreamt that you woke up? Who can say what's real and what isn't. All we can do is enjoy the ride.
The important question is why we are talking about this topic at a diy aviation forums ;)


Wake up! Time to fly!
Ohh FT philosophizing.

First and foremost welcome to the family and happy holidays.

What rc toys did Santa bring you?

And my contributions to philoshphy after a huge Christmas brunch and dinners at two other places...

I fart.
I stink!


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Ahhh magnificent questions of philosophy. Personally i dont like Descartes that much because his philosophy destroys the concept of set morals for a group and allows anyone to define what is personally right or wrong for them.

But whatever I fly airplanes and when i crash them there is a noticeable response from other people (generally hysterics) so i think we can say our perception of reality is all rather similar.