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I Fly Alone....


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Yep I'm a solo flyer. I live in Homestead FL which is just about the farthest place south in florida with the exception of the Keys. I live very close to Nascar Homestead Speedway. There is an old baseball training park here that is never very busy. It has a very large open area with a parking lot and field. The only problem is there are several man made lakes and wooded area's around it. I've lost 2 planes with electronic in them. Went searching and could not find them. Oh also there are ~30 ft light posts very 100 fet or so. I seem to hit them every so often. Any way I like to fly alone. I've only been flying successfully for about a year. I still don't think I am good enough for a real field and all the other guys watching. I lose control and crash every time I fly probably because I push the limits of my skill too much. Well I just got back from a pretty good day of flying and on the way home I decided to drive past the real flying field which is right next to the back end of the race track. Some guy was flying a low wing plane like a pro. It sound like gas and had to have at least a 60" wing span probably bigger. He had amazing control. It was a pretty good slap in the face compared to what and how I fly. Maybe someday...


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in my 2 years of flying experience the only way to learn how to fly is by flying and crashing. When i go to my local flying field I always hear the old men in the group say "sometimes you bring them home in one piece and sometimes you bring them home in a trash bag." and they are talking about 60" wingspan gas planes.


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I fly alone too, but sometimes I have company with TexMechRobot and family members, but mostly alone. It is hard to hook up with people with our busy schedules and life. But I like flying alone as it is very peaceful in our busy world.

Once you get the hang of flying you will crash much less and also do less damage when you crash as you learn to crash better...
I fly alone too. It is nice and relaxing. Also I don't have anyone else to fly with. That should all change in the next year. But I think it's nice. No distraction. But also no advice. Like you I only been flying around a year.


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Oh I'm not complaining about crashing. I am just amazed I can finally fly after trying numerous times over the last 25 years. I was also amazed at the guys skill flying the low wing plane. he had amazing control. It's like we all drive cars but not all of us are race car drivers. Like most have said I enjoy flying alone too. It is very peaceful.
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i too fly alone ...i only have a small field to fly and prefer to fly alone as i can only manage to fly one battery before im too tired to continue !!
old age is taking its toll ....still i enjoy the time i do get !!