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I Got Free Stuff - WoooHooo

So this afternoon I'm putting an order together on HK's website for parts for a Zephyr that should arrive any day now (the zephry not the HK order) and up comes one of those pop ups saying 'Spend $100 and get a free... "

It was a free F-86 Skyblazer 70mm EDF jet, woohoo!

So I'm checking out the plane and notice that stock levels are on red with 10+ left. I then go back to my order for a few minutes and then check back the the quantity was down to 8. I quickly finish my order and the stock is now down to 5.

Got the plane in my order so thanks HK for the free plane :applause:

I noticed that a few hours later stock levels are up in the yellow now so that must be how they limit the number of free items to give away. I had to pay an extra $30 for postage but I got a free plane.

Anyone else get free stuff like this?


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Man I purchased an EDF for my Son another model for myself, plus a whole heap of servos, motors etc and I got nothing extra :'(
Hehe very nice! I had gotten one for some micro helicopter, but was nowhere near $100, so i had to pass on it. Hell, if it would have been the saber I would have definitely 'found' another $40 bucks worth of stuff to buy. :D