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I have a chance to buy some nice RC stuff


I flew with a couple of friends today, then we went over to the house of the father of a lady who works in our school. He is selling off his entire rc collection. I'm looking for some thoughts on what to offer, either as a lot or for certain pieces. Here is a list of his aircraft, radios and such.
Hangar 9 1/4 scale Cub with eflite 90 motor
Hangar 9 40 Cub
Eflite 25 Cub
Great Planes Big Stick
Sig Kadet 40
Hobbico Electristar Trainer with Futaba T4EXA TX
All planes come complete with motors, escs, and servos and are in great condition.

2 JR 9503 radios (I think they are 9503s).

Too many tools to name, but include 3rd hand solder station and solder iron, Zbend tool, really nice sets of allen wrenches and screwdrivers.

A handful of servos of various sizes, electric props, gas motors, a spare eflite 90 motor and esc.

3 airplane kits still in box. One is a biplane that looks like a Jungmeister, one is a sailplane, and the other is, um, something else that I can't remember.

A whole host of low end helis and tx's.

Many small aircraft accessories, a nice balance charger, and a pile of batteries.

This guy did it well. Sadly, his eyesight and health will not allow him to continue in this hobby. I would love to be able, with my two flying buddies, to buy this stuff. Any thoughts on what a fair starting offer would be for the lot?


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In these circumstances, you should ask him what he wants for it and then work out if you can afford it. When disability and ill health are involved, a fair deal is preferable to a 'good' deal.

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Can he still fly at all? If so, maybe as low an offer as you're comfortable making, but an offer that gives him "visitation rights" to his planes. He meets you out at the field and you have everything ready for him to just show up and fly.


Me, too... I don't want to insult the guy or take advantage of him. Yet, I don't have a lot of money to devote to this. He wants to sell it, so I suspect he's let it go at a low price. I just don't want to low ball him.


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Are you into the big stuff?
I would personally go for the cadet, z-bend tool and perhaps e few kits. The jungmeister is a diamond! The glider could be something - but only if it is something out of the ordinary.
Dont buy anything you wont fly or you dont need. A rose to the lady might be a better investment ;-)


Wise words, pgerts. Yes, I would love to have that beautiful 1/4 scale Cub. But, I don't have a vehicle to transport it and it would occupy a tremendous amount of space at my house!

I was thinking that the 40 or 25 sized cub would be more reasonable. Definitely interested in the Kadet and Stick, too. And, yes those kits...

So, narrowed down to 1 of the cubs, Kadet, Stick and a couple of miscellaneous tools.