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I introduce to you: The Super Bush Cub! (80" span bush plane)

Well, this all started out with me wanting to build a 200% simple cub. Seems simple enough. Double thickness of the foam, double plans, done. Well, I did this and was not super happy with the looks, or the build. I did not like having to do huge A and B folds with 2 layers. So I decided to redesign the plane.

Once this started i wanted to change the look. I like the bushwacker but wanted to act like a cub. SO i overlayed the Bushwacher fuselage over the Cub on in CAD, and low and behold they are very close in shape. I changed and moved stuff so the cub wing and toil parts would fit, made the motor in the same location ect.

Next, I squared off the tail parts to look like the Bushwacker, same with wings.

Next i made everything sperate parts, very few folds. Swiss cheesed the inner layer, added L bracing to keep it all square.

I added 5mm ply to part of the bottom to attach the landing gear. Also made a plywood top brace that will support the dowels for the rubber bands to the foam wont tear. Also dowling the wind to the fuselage to keep it in the same location, but still be removable.

Just finished designing the wing, should cut it out tonight. This is all a test so far to see if i can get the air frame under 8 lbs. If so ill make some adjustments and build from brown foam.

Fist pics are of my cub attempt, then the pics of the Bush Cub