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I LOVE the FT Spitfire (after a lucky escape)

I've built a few FT planes now, but hat's off to David Windestal for his Spitfire design - it's the only plane I have yet to crash (noob pilot). I flew a few days ago in pretty windy conditions and came back in one piece, so today in VERY windy weather I decided to give it a go. Big mistake...

On take off it climbed and banked violently before diving vertically down. I managed to pull out as the wind carried it behind me, over a road and to another field. I managed to flip the autolevel switch on the Lemon Stabiliser Plus received I fitted and it kept the plane level as I managed to bring it down before it disappeared from view. It came down right side up and level, and only a dislodged firewall to show for the excitement.

So - full marks to the FT spit and the stabiliser receiver! If you're thinking of a first warbird, I think this is worth your time to build.

I'll wait for the wind to die down before my next flight, so this evening I'll start on a P47 scratchbuild instead.


Well done. I always take spare pre built power pods ready to swap out when I inevitably break one.
I think I might try that, but I'm lucky enough that I can fly within walking distance of home so it could be worse!
Anyway - I'll build a spare pod just in case!


Active member
Really a great looking build. Where did you get your graphics? Mine came from Wikipedia. I just sized them and glued them on. Your is much better looking. Great job.. How did you do the canopy? I would like to replicate that.

Markings are just cut out by hand from sticky vinyl sheets. The canopy is laminator plastic over a paper printed canopy. I got the design from these forums - a search should find it. Love this plane!