Help! I need your help!


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Hi! I’m from Las Vegas and I’m 15. Recently, I just got into quads and planes. However, being a teen, it’s hard to be able to keep these things in the air as I’m always wrecking parts and such. Recently, I just wrecked my fpv quad through a faulty micro receiver. It lost connection, which plummeted down into the roof of a park gazebo, burning the vtx, breaking the canopy, and losing the only 650mah 3s batt I had. I do not have any source of income, and for me to work a job is not possible at the moment. However, I also love composing music, specifically drum-line music.
For 5$, i am willing to write drumline covering a song, or just some groovy drumline beats. 5$ will get you 45 seconds, 10$ will get you 1 minute and 10 seconds, 15$ will get you 1:30-2:30 depending on the length you need.


I am not sure where to post this, but thanks for taking your time to read 😊 Please share with music enthusiasts and other RC members. I would love to get back to flying as soon as possible.


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