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i86 to hobbyking reciever


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
For that RX, the channel order is AETR:

1 = Aileron
2 = Elevator
3 = Throttle
4 = Rudder

Quick search for the i86 pops up this:


That should get you the info you need to get the two connected.

Be advised, that's a fairly old board, so active technical assistance may be a bit thin -- there are a few people who have used that board, but most haven't adjusted it in a long time and many have moved on to newer, better boards.

BTW, Welcome to the forum!


Gremlin on the Wing
I still have half a dozen of the i86L boards laying about, great little (Gyro Only) boards.

Hopefully the info above does address the issue your having. If not however, perhaps I can help with this, or any other problems you may have beyond this.

I intend to employ my i86L boards as controllers for a fleet of battle quads. To be used for drone combat at a local Makerspace I am a member of.

Good luck!