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Icarus Aerospace TAV -Wasp / Branta

Icarus Aerospace TAV -Wasp / Branta v.1

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leaded50 submitted a new resource:

Icarus Aerospace TAV -Wasp / Branta - Canadian tactical close air combat/ high flying aircraft concept of Canada

Icarus Aerospace TAV -Wasp / Branta -close air support/ high attitude twin boom aircraft concept Canada. TAV = TACTICAL AIR VEHICLE
heavily militarized variant called WASP,high-altitude platform known as Branta.

wingspan : 1004 mm (as Wasp version - 2000mm as Branta version)
length : 1177mm

CG: 2.88 - 3.87cm

Recommended motor:2 x 2830 850Kv .
ESC: 35 - 40A

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