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Ideal Small Test Aircraft

Hey! I currently fly quadcopters, but I'm looking to get into building and flying fixed wings. Eventually (once I get good at flying fixed wings) I intend to build small experiment packages to take airborne. While I'm not going to limit myself to one aircraft, I'm only going to use one to start. I'm looking at the FT Mini Mustang, but I'd like some suggestions in case there's something better- I need to fly in a medium-sized park, ideally with something that's forgiving but still maintains good speed and aerobatic capability. Whatever aircraft I choose, I'll definitely be mounting FPV gear on it, and when I get around to designing and building experiments, I'll probably mount those in some sort of external pod- probably modeled after a drop tank unless the equipment inside necessitates some other form. I'll definitely be building my own aircraft at some point, but for now, I just need an airplane that can serve a dual role: primarily, a fun airplane for me to fly around, and secondarily, a testbed for basic electronic systems for future aircraft.


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have you flown any fixed wing stuff before? (quads and fix wing fly differently)

If your doing FPV, a pusher or dual prop is useful, so you don't have to contend with the prop being in the way of the camera.

What type of payload size are you looking at? as your craft is going to be big enough to handle that extra mass.

I always suggest the Tiny Trainer for first fixed wing stuff, it also can go from a very calm 3 channel to a aerobatic capable 4 channel (my builds come in around 275g AUW and the motor can put out 400g thrust, so vertical is doable). However, if you want to do full 3D flying, bigger control surfaces might be needed. (someone did do just about everything you would want to do 3D wise with my V-tail - same engine, but a bit lighter and more control surface to wing IIRC).
I have not flown any RC fixed wings, however, I understand how airplanes fly and I have put a good bit of time on X-Plane. As far as prop placement, yeah, not having the prop in the way is nice, but it's far from my biggest concern. Payload size- right now, I honestly don't know. It'll probably have something to do with an arduino nano, but I'll just adapt payloads to the aircraft. The Tiny Trainer does make sense, and with the price of FT build kits being pretty low, it would be reasonable to just build whatever I felt like afterward, perhaps recycling some electronics. Overall the Tiny Trainer is appealing, if it's a little big for my ideal size. I'll definitely consider it.


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sounds good, as long as you have some fixed wing experience in... the Tiny Trainer is a much easier craft to fly then the FT Mini mustang and would to better at caring some extra payload (size)
I do also recommend the tiny trainer. I don't think that anything much smaller would be capable of carrying much anyways, and the mini mustang wouldn't fly as good with too much weight in it.


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Alright, I’ll definitely stick with the brown for now! Does anyone have recommendations for inexpensive batteries and a charger? I’d like to keep the airplane under 200 dollars, is that possible?
I priced out "getting in as cheap as possible" for someone a while back:


you would appear to already have a radio and should have a charger for those quads, the remaining bits would be covered in that post (which came in just over $200 with a basic TX/RX and basic charger).
Does anyone have advice on landing gear for the TT? I’m thinking about using the wheels that are used on the Mini Guinea and some FT pushrods in a taildragger configuration to get shorter takeoff rolls, but I’m open to suggestions.