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Ideas for plane building workshop...


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hi guys.. soo i'm setting up a room specifically for building planes in, and i'm looking for ideas, for storage of planes, tools, and any tips you guys might have..
feel free to post anything you wouldve liked to have or that you have in your building space...


Fred Banned Me
the simple list is roughly as follows:
  • a flat surface at waist height large enough to work on
  • hand tools appropriate to the materials your building with
    • for foam - an appropriate knife
    • hotglue gun
    • basic hand tools - screwdrivers, pliers, etc
  • appropriate adhesives (Hot Glue for the FT method, other glues for different ways of building)
  • soldering equipment unless you purchase stuff with with connectors on it already
  • some way to organize/store your tools and foam
which is about it for what you need, anything beyond that gets into 'useful' tools that you may or may not need, like a CNC foam cutter, 3D printer, hot wire cutting tools, etc, etc.

Focus on the basics, then consider any 'useful'/additional tools that you can afford and will use if and when you get them. The basics really are just a surface to work on and a few basic tools.
Make it big enough, plan ahead, I built my man cave 14'x14' in my basement years ago for my R/C equipment, but now it also has my ham radio equip, wood turning lathe and wood working equip, reloading equip & etc, yeah make it big enough, and you never have enough tools and storage, I don't care what she says. Here's an example, my shop is 30'x42' and it's full, metal lathe, welding equip, lift, etc etc, I told my son when he got his own shop to build it big enough, so he did, it's 60'x90, it's full :LOL:


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Yea so I have a room about 5m x 6m
I'm just looking or ideas of all the Extra nice to have stuff...
Ie needle cutter, hotwire, couch, WiFi, etc.... Oh yes and a sound system;)