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If anyone needs cut Vinyl decals

If anyone needs cut Vinyl decals I have a Vinyl Express Q100 48 in wide machine and can cut from small items such as Business card size letters or objects to Semi Truck Vinyl decals. I have quite a few colors in stock of the 5 year 3 mil vinyl which is thicker but not too bad and can get the 7 year which is 1 to 1.5 mil thick. Also I have heat applied vinyl in many colors to make t shirt graphics or can be applied to almost any flat surface.
I am disabled and do this to keep busy and not really to make money, as long as it covers the cost of the material and running the machine I am happy. It would be best if you have your graphics already to the size you need.
I am going to test print these plans and make sure everything is fine and I will let you know. I might be a few days before I get back to you because of a family emergency. Its looks like the postage would be more than the printing though.