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If you wanna fly try this

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
Well, Well
Just got back from the flying field where I flew the nine eagle RTF 500 mini glider, the wind was probably
2 to 3 mph and i can tell you it flies superb.
If you are thinking of taking up this wonderful hobby of ours you can not go wrong with this little glider.
I used up 4 batteries without it touching down, hand landed every time.
one impact with a goal post (showing off doing a loop around the crossbar) and the wing just pinged off as
it is designed to do. Into the wind on 60% throttle it held up lovely just small inputs on the rudder and elevation
was achieved effortlessly, then off the throttle and glide slowly down....most satisfying
So if you are a pilot with a youngster that you want to get him/her interested then this is a perfect trainer
and who knows, when they get older they might keep you in flyers
Keep flying