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If you're gonna use a Gyro...

I use FrSky S6R and S8R receivers in 90% of my planes.

The gyros really help stabilize the planes during maidens and in heavy winds. There have been a few planes that I launched with the gyro engaged, took it up "3 mistakes high" to begin trimming it out. Turned off the gyro to begin trimming and I could barely control the thing; re-engage gyro and bring her in for some CG tweaks etc. In other words, these gyros have saved me from MANY crashes during maidens or strong winds.

HOWEVER, if you are going to use a gyro, make sure the correction is the correct direction! When I took my Walrus out for maiden, I did my pre-flight checks and all control surfaces moved the correct direction when I moved the sticks. Then I engaged the gyro and verified that moving the plane around caused the control surfaces to move in proportion. But in my mind I basically said "To make the plane's tail rise, I would pull push the stick forward. That moves the elevator down. So I lift the tail up and the gyro moves the elevator down. Check!".

Needless to say that was a VERY short maiden. The plane flew out of my hands, went mostly level for 20 feet followed by a pile-drive into the turf. Not much damage, and the forums said that CG was really picky on the plane. So adjusted the CG backwards a bit. Re-maiden. This time it flew mostly level for 20 feet, followed by 90 degrees nose-up to 30 feet in the air, followed by a stall and another pile-drive into the turf.

I gave up on the maiden and flew my other planes the rest of that weekend. Later the next week I put it on the bench and started double checking everything with a fresh perspective (from the front of the plane this time). Facepalm!

So yeah, if you are gonna use a gyro, the control surfaces should move in the opposite direction of what you do with the plane. Pick the tail UP and the elevator should go UP. Pick a wingtip UP, that aileron should go UP. Push the tail to the left, and the rudder should move to the left. D'oh!
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:ROFLMAO:Ive experienced this a few times with AS3X. I gave up on that. Dont trust gyros much now, and just stick with standard frsky recievers. Much more straightforeward.


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I do not care for flight controllers or gyros my self.

Speaking of which, this is kind of off topic, but on topic in a way...
I never use any sort of flight controllers on any fixed wing I fly with the few exceptions of the AS3X equipped on the UMX's. I am not sure if it is the AS3X or maybe gyros in general, but do you guys feel any input latency when using it?

I have 2 UMX AS3X equipped birds and they both have a noticeable latency between the sticks and the aircraft. Something I do feel on anything else.:unsure: