Im Just going to post this here(it is going to be art of something, guess what it will be, I might make it into something)



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Being that many years ago I studied Civil War ordinance, I can say with some confidence that it is post American Civil War timeframe. LOL
In all seriousness if 1589171895391.png is a rear view of the fin section, I recognize the fin configuration, but can’t place it. I haven’t found it on my latest google search.
I dont intend to fly it, I am new to this stuff, I dont know how to make a template for it, and I dont have the resources to do so


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The Fritz X was just a guided bomb so it did not really 'fly' but pick the right thing and it is amazing what you can get to fly.

The A4b - a V-2 with wings.
An EDF, it takes off vertically just like the real thing, which was only tested once right at the end of the war, but when in the air it flies just like any other RC plane.