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I'm new, and I'm good on equipment, but...

I know nothing on how these forums things work, or how to work them. But I'm here because of the kwad share program. I just really need help with batteries. I've got a brand spanking new AstroX Switch stretch. With a DalRC Engine 40a, 4-in-1 ESC, TBS Unify Pro HV, Runcam Micro Swift 2, FrSky R-XSR, TBS Triumph stubby, T-Motor F60 2500kv motors, and currently (to be remedied shortly -Hopefully-) a clone Omnibus F3 (that I expect will last only a handful of flights). The FC being my official last purchase from Gearbest (whole story on the above stated F3 alone that contributed to that finality).
But anyways, I have 1 OCday 4s 1300mah, and two burnt out 3s' (that used to be 4s'). But whenever I attempt to build a respectable battery collection I wreck things consecutively enough to were by the time I get back to growing my battery collection again, I've already sufficiently burned out the previous attempt's batteries. And because of this endless cycle I can't seem to progress my skills at all. I'm just hoping somebody out there has a few decent 5" sufficient 4s' out there spare so I can get myself at least to a skill level were wrecking stuff is not as frequent as it's currently being. I'd be the most appreciated for any help.