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Im new, so anything helps!

Hello everyone my name is Sean and I dont have a quad or the money to really get going in this awesome sport. I do however have a remote and FPV goggles from previous birthdays im just simply missing the quad. If any of you can help that would be great :)!


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You can get a Eachine Wizard for about $100 on banggood. They've worked out most of the kinks with the last few models and the newest one is pretty formidable. Hard to build one from scratch for that price. Or forgo the idea of quads and build yourself an FPV fixed wing FT model. You could also get all the electronics you need for about $20, $30 with fpv camera, and scratch build it from free FT plans with about $2 of material. Gets you in the air for a fraction of the price, gets you used to your transmitter and flying both LOS and FPV before you put a $100+ quad in the air.

Just my ideas.


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Or indeed in the ground...

If you have the TX, goggles and a camera then the FT Explorer or Mini Scout might be a good build. Mini scout is cheap even as a speed build kit, it’s easy to fly.
You will need a battery, charger, servos, receiver, prop and motor. However those and the Scout kit is still under $100.
You can learn the basics with a $20 micro quad and add a camera for budget Whopp style indoor FPV. There’s lots of good advice on here for new pilots of every sort of craft. Watch a few videos too, those are free. FT have several on learning to fly quads as well as a whole beginner series on fixed wing.
Thanks to the “encouragement” from here I now have 5 planes and a just got a small quad, none are what I envisioned when I started out 4 months ago thinking I wanted to learn to fly RC. All have been fun to build and fly and have taught me cool stuff.