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I'm scared


User of Gorilla Glue
So i am picking up my phase 3 phoenix 2 this coming monday. The plane has a 79 1/2 inch wing span:eek:.
The plane i have now is a mini cub. It has a 31 inch wingspan.
The phoenix 2 has a 1000kv brushless motor.
The mini cub has a 180 brushed motor.
The phoenix 2 is a 4 channel.
The mini cub is a 3 channel.

If you still dont know why the title says "Im scared" your not reading this correctly.:rolleyes:

Anyways i have never flown a glider in my life.
The description says that the phoenix 2 is a beginners/novice plane but still....that 79 inch wingspan is still intimidating to me.
So any tips for a newbie glider pilot?


Old age member
Don't worry - be happy.
But find a large free area for your flying. You will find the Phoenix really relaxing.


Builder Extraordinare
You know... I recently made a purchase of a 72" WS L-4 and I too am used to much smaller models. Previously the largest models I had were a 52" WS biplane and my Eagle2 trainer. My landing approaches were the only thing I really had to worry about. Bigger does fly better but I'm realizing that the trade off is... field assembly. I spend more time putting it together and taking it apart just to transport it than to fly it one time.


User of Gorilla Glue
Thanks for the encouragement guys. I have been watching all the glider vids by flite test to get all of there tips to, so i am somewhat confident now.
I'll post my maiden and what i think of it in the home page articles when i get it then i'll put a link here.


New member
easy does it is my best suggestion, no aerobatics, try to keep it level, no steep dives etc, my first plane was a big one like that and i snapped the wings off in mid flight due to pulling out of a dive to steeply.


User of Gorilla Glue
So i finally maidened my phoenix 2..... I crashed. Its my first time with ailerons so i have to get used to it also the crash was minor so a spot of glue will fix it up good. Ill get a little bit more practice and then ill get you guys a video.
P.s. it was also windy .


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
I had several original KK (not KK2) boards laying around so I flashed one with "Open Aero" and used it for in flight stabilization on my Hawk Sky. Much easier to handle in the wind.