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I'm so mean to my multi rotors...


Stuck in Sunny FL
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So I finally assembled my Rotor Bones quad that I bought this month. I ended up using the KK2 board in it, and so far am VERY pleased. I do not have the autolevel set up yet though.


That being said, my dear wife was kind enough to go outside with me and try to film the aircraft in operation.



So I set it down, spun it up, and started flying around. Wooshing around in the tight confines I was thrilled with the way it was handling. I got up close to my wife, then flew away, and up. It was flying so close to level on it's own, I took my hands off the controls, and tried to get my wife's attention. So there I am, standing with my arm extended, taking peeks back at my quad as it was drifting away. My wife was captivated by it's flight, and wouldn't look down at me, where I was trying to show it was flying hands off. Finally I gave up on her, and turned to resume control of my quad.

The light was limited at this time, and I'm using that as my excuse. I was at least twenty feet up, and I was drifting right into a tree. I applied back to the stick, and instead of moving closer to me, it tilted the wrong direction.

Ok, I'm a plane guy originally, and when in a bad spot, you throttle down, then steer out. I brought the left stick all the way down. The quad started to fall. Instead of bumping the throttle, I just stood there, dumfounded as it struck the gravel road almost perfectly flat. I turned to the camera, with a little half hearted smile, knowing as frustrated as I was, at least I had it on video.

I walked over, with my wife still filming. There was a mostly intact quad. One motor mount broken, (I've done the impossible, Chad said this couldn't happen!) and it was laying off to one side. On another arm, the landing gear was fractured, so it was sitting funny. All in all though the aircraft was in good shape.


I was a little frustrated, but like I said, at least my wife caught it with the camera... In a somewhat disgusted voice, I told her to shut off the recording. At which point she took the image above. "Um, I didn't have it on video." What? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Oh well, at least we got some stills as she hit the "record button" to start and stop the recording.


There it is, the broken mount. I did drop it pretty much straight down from at least 20 feet.


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Cameras have a sensor that fools you at just the wrong right time. Ask me how I know! :p

Looks like the claimed unbreakable broken part should be a warranty issue. :cool:



Disclaimer: Everyone not named Monkey will get a full refund or replacement parts sent first class mail postage paid. Monkey needs to earn his keep. LOL That was a joke folks, you break it , you bought it errr something like that.


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Disclaimer: Everyone not named Monkey will get a full refund or replacement parts sent first class mail postage paid. Monkey needs to earn his keep.

And one thing I avoided when I began posting here is using the avatar that I use at RcGroups.

I didn't want to be confused with the legend. :p ;)


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Great looking quad! What are the motors your using and the size of the props if you don't mind me asking. I'm looking at building a tri copter and having great fun trying to find some motors that will utilise around the 9 to 10 inch props, something that hopefully will be somewhere in between good stability and a little more wind bucking ability and the ones you have look like the ones!
Good luck with the cameraman.


Stuck in Sunny FL
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Toddy, there's some fun debate as to which props handle the wind best. I prefer small props in wind. The smaller and faster (higher KV) the better the FC board can keep up with minute corrections. Also, the more instant my inputs for corrections will be. The bigger props produce more drag, and are for lower KV motors, which will be more sluggish in response to my control inputs.

I was surprised at how much more lethargic my tricopter felt when I switched to a lower KV and a larger prop. I really noticed it when it came to stopping power as I was descending. I threw in some throttle last minute, and where my tricopter used to snap to a stop, it pushed through where I wanted it to be, and smacked the ground.

Smaller and faster props for me from now on.