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Help! ImmersionRC ezOSD help

Hello everyone,
I'm posting this here because I can't think of/find a better spot.

Does anyone know if ImmersionRC has discontinued their ezOSD? I've ordered 2 from different (chinese) sellers and they have both ended up being refunded due to "issues with suppliers."
Now when I search for them I can only find one on ebay and one for $200.

I know it is old tech but it seems like a viable way to get battey monitoring and gps on a plane without needing a full flight controller setup.

Alternatively, what do the rest of you use for plane FPV/OSD and gps? What do you think is the least expensive route?

Ihichi Bolls

Well-known member
One of the new flight controllers is probably your best visual telemetry options.

Some power distribution boards support osd but not sure if all the sensors have to go thru an fc to be functional other then battery voltage and current draw.


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Never heard of it, but just about ANY FC with an OSD could fit that bill for MUCH cheaper.
I've been rigging some of my wings up with full blown iNav and Arduplane cheaper. Thinking about building a full nav enabled FT Explorer.....

Cheers! LitterBug
Thanks for the input folks. I know there are cheaper methods, i just liked the idea of a quick swap [almost] all-in-one telemetry/gps unit.
Alas, it seems the fickle internet gods have deemed that I am not worthy of such convenience.
A quick search on ebay turned up a few cheap options such as EzOSD on Ebay

This product was first on the market in 2010, but there is still support information on the Immersion web site. https://www.immersionrc.com/fpv-products/ezosd/

you are correct, I suppose new listings will come and go in the future. The situation was just weird enough for me to start wondering.

The ImmersionRC site still has the page, but I haven't (yet) been able to navigate to it externally. Which might indicate they aren't actively trying to keep it in circulation. All conjecture, of course.


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Been digging through my pile of stuff and came across my DalRC QOSD which is a similar board. It has also been discontinued. All of these boards have been superseded by modern flight controllers. Going to throw this QOSD in my bruised and bashed up RMRC Nano Skyhunter after gluing the fuselage back together. Might make a good board with some long range gear in my Traxxas Slash 2WD too....