Importing Adams Readi Foam Board to Australia

Importing Adams Readi Foam Board to Australia
Hi peeps,

Just putting my feelers out there to see what kind of response I get to see if this is viable.

As most of you are aware the foam used by Flitetest is pretty much non existent or we have much more expensive alternatives here in Australia, or outside the USA pretty much.

I have recently started a RC eStore in Brisbane (opens next week), and while talking with suppliers for various models i have imported or going through the final stages of, I came across the forums regarding foamboards. I myself have made a couple of FT Scratch builds I actually brought the kits as it seemed much more easier and convenient (sometimes cheaper) than seeking foam board from any AU or NZ supplier. I also wanted to show my support to FT and what they do for the RC community. I like many other would not have had interest into the hobby if it weren't for their shows.

As I was saying this got me to contact RL Adams Plastics,Inc following a recommendation from Flitetest, It's my understanding Adams supply the foam for the FT Kits. After a few early morning and late night contacts with Adams I have negotiated what I think is a really good price. Only thing I need to sort out now is the shipping. Adams are really excited about the prospect, If all goes ahead they have proposed that they will direct international sales inquiries through Velocity Aerial Systems. Meaning we could ship almost anywhere (looking at you guys across the Tasman). Opens that horizon.

Like the guys at flitetest I would like to see more people get into the hobby, nothing worse than having to pay big $$ for something that if you are learning potentially you're going to fly into the deck or a tree (Know by personal experience). My aim is to make this as cheap as possible for you guys I believe I can beat the foam suppliers price here in Australia and NZ, at the end of the day you are the ones who make these kits and create your own aircraft, and shows what you can do with some light materials and motors. I would really like to get these in for you guys who are interested.

Which brings me back to my original point. How many of you would be interested in purchasing the same foam that FT has for their speedbuild kits?

To make it cost effective or even cost neutral I need quite a bit of interest. As I can not get just one 25 sheet case, I need to buy in large quantities. This is kinda my "market research" as I have funded VAS on my own and this will fall into that space as well so I'm carrying out my due diligence.

Let me know your thoughts guys. As I mentioned more interest, more chance of getting this in.




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Hi Mikkel

Just saw your post. I am definitely interested. Would love to have some readi board here in NZ (Lower Hutt).

Hey, if your still getting foam in or already have I would love some! I know you were talking about this 2 years ago but still thought I should let you know. And would love a link to your online hobby shop.