Inav 450 Quad First Flights


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I just thought I'd share this here. Maybe someone will find it interesting.

My Dad came to me and asked if I could build him a quad that would be easy for him to learn to fly. He also wanted a servo mounted underneath so that he could drop 12" paratroopers and stuff. We ordered a 450 Flamewheel clone ($13 w/free shipping from China). We ordered a slew of parts from Hobby King and we installed an Omnibus F4 v2 flight controller, flashed with Inav, and an M8N GPS module. To speed the story up, here are some videos from the first several flights yesterday.

In this first video, I was testing Position Hold/Altitude Hold and RTH. I've never had a quad that had these features, so this was all new to me....but it all worked flawlessly.

In this next video, we dropped a small Nerf football from the quad with Position Hold and Altitude Hold enabled and then we did another RTH.

In this next video, we dropped a 12" paratrooper, with a 36" parachute, from the quad.

We did 5 flights, like the ones above, yesterday with a single 4S 2650mah lipo and still had 53% battery left. Too cool!

I hope someone finds this interesting!


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Very cool indeed!. Another of my numerous projects for this year is to build a 500 class quadcopter with full iNav or Arducopter with downlink data too.

Thanks Caroline! We are quite impressed with the way the quad performed.

I hope you share details about your 500 build! Have a good week!!!