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Inductrix fpv or mini sportster.


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Hey all, I have got some spare money and are thinking about getting a new aircraft. the mini sportster is what I thought of first because then I would be able to fly it in my park-its pretty small- 100ft by 300ft and all of the good flying fields are almost 30 minutes away, and I live like 100 yards away from this park. but then I thought I would be able to learn fpv on the inductrix fpv. which should I go with?


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If more flying time is important then go with the Mini Sportster, the Inductrix does not handle much wind well and if lost as small as it is hard to find. The up side come winter flying inside is wonderful with the Inductrix and here we have indoor races about every week.


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1- flying in ANY Pima county park is ILLEGAL. they will take your plane and fine you if caught

2- go for the Inductrix, and fly it indoors. it's too hot outside anyways right now.

3- do you have FPV goggles yet?

i have 2 micro blades and just love them. they are soooo much fun inside once you get the hang of them. Plus it is a completely diff kind of flying than an airplane and really makes you think and improve your stick inputs. i have, and do fly them outside when i can, but mostly it is indoors as a break between building.

happy hunting,

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My vote is for the Inductrix FPV BL. Brushless motors that will last a LOT longer than the little brushed ones, and the thing is a blast to fly. I love cruising around inside my apartment, and several of the microbreweries in the area have started offering us a place to come in and fly as a way to bring in business - we fly through our courses with timing gates and such, and the patrons get to watch us while having a beer and food from a gourmet food truck.


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I use 1S 190-220 mah. flight time is short maybe 3 minutes, I probably could go longer but that is where I have my timer set.


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can it it hold a 500 mah battery? 1s
and could u give a link to the charger and the battery

Way to big and heavy for Inductrix.

Some batterys searches 1S 200 MAH turn up many different makers.


Just a couple of chargers.


If you have a charger already something like this will work.



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this one works well, but make sure you watch your input battery. it is supposed to have a cut-off but it doesn't work and will completely drain your Lipo if you let it.



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I am thinking about getting the betafpv beta65X 2s brushless. is that a good quad? it also comes with 2 1s battery to be used in parallel