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Help! Inductrix Fpv plus Bind to Taranis Dx9 through 4 in 1 multi module?

Hey, im trying to bind an inductrix fpv plus to a taranas dx9 through a 4 in 1 multi potocol module, here is the link. Module

I think i bound my inductrix in ppm mode (the motors started spining), but coudnt work out the channels and the drone wouln't respond. I now have it in serial mode and I cant get it to bind at all. Has anyone done this before? If so could you tell me what channels i need to set up and the correct dsmx protocal.

Thanks Alex

(sorry for being such a noob)


Winter is coming
On my STM32 iRangeX module, with no dials (so serial only) I'm using the latest version of the build (master branch) from here: https://github.com/pascallanger/DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module/

Which is 1.2.1 (patch 25) according to https://github.com/pascallanger/DIY...ffdd556ff0074bc/Multiprotocol/Multiprotocol.h

On my OpenTX 2.2.2 (I noticed 2.2.3 is now available which also includes additional support for more Multiprotocol protocols) I have the following configuration for an Inductrix FPV+ which I think is similar to your model:

Protocol: DIY Multiprotocol Module
Multi Radio Protocol: DSM
Sub Type: DSMX 22ms
Start: CH1
Channels: 7

For mixes, and channel outputs I have:
CH1: Aileron (Inverted on Outputs)
CH2: Elevator
CH3: Throttle (Min set to -477.7us on Outputs)
CH4: Rudder (Inverted on Outputs)
CH5: Mode (Inverted on Outputs, Min: -140.3us, Max: 170.0us) this channel is tied to the SE switch for me
CH6: Flip tied to the SF switch

Hope this helps!
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