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Inductrix tiny whoop cutout issue

Installed the inductrix board into a carbon fiber/aluminum frame with upgraded motors and fpv camera.

Problem is, the power to the motors will cut out, where the camera will stay on but the lights on the controller board dim out and motors stop. Switching batteries work only sometimes.

There is nothing preventing the propellers from spinning freely. What could cause this?

Note: It does work perfectly fine sometimes


Gravity Tester
You mention the new frame is carbon fiber and aluminum. I would check to make sure the board and any wires are not shorting out on the frame.


A Severe Lack of Sense
How is your camera connected? is it a y harness, or did you solder the camera to the board? If it's a y harness, its time to break out the soldering iron, and get rid of a bunch of connectors. At least that would be my first guess.


Winter is coming
Switching batteries sometimes helps? What sized batteries and what C discharge ratings do they have? Also, how old are they and what do you use to charge them with?

I find with these micro/nano brushed motors, especially on the quads, they can be hard on the single cell packs and even a fully charged pack might only last for a minutes worth of flight before it sags quickly to give you the same behavior.