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Intermediate-level foam scratchbuild


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Hi All

I've been watching Flitetest for a while now and really enjoy the the show. Well done to the whole team.

I particulary enjoy your scratch builds since that is what I enjoy doing myself. In fact the Bloody Micks Funbat build was my first depron plane.

My request for an episode would be for a slightly more advanced foam scratchbuild. Something like one of Steve Shumates park jets. I think that they fly really well, look great and are an excellent intermediate step in construction skill between simple builds like the funbat and more advanced fullly built-up designs. Even if you just do an flight review episode rather than a build vid.

My personal favourite is the Polaris Delta-wing seaplane probably a "strong beginner" to "intermediate" plane to fly but still fun for advanced flyers. Very forgiving on take off and landing. Can fly quick or slow down to high alpha without wing rock. Is very maneuverable but stable enough for very low passes. A very versatile fly anywhere plane. I'm pretty sure there is cnc-cut kit for this one too, which may make it a bit easier.

Sorry if I sound like advert, I just rate this build very highly. :eek:

Just my 2c :)
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