Intermediate Plane Suggestions / Reviews on BNF/RTF new releases


It would be nice to see some reviews back on the show, especially on some of the new product released by HH. Examples like the pulse15e, night visionaire and ultimate2 for example. Also helping to give some advice on finding a plane that is suited to bridging the gap between a trainer such as the apprentice S15E and getting in to more acrobatic flying. As a rc pilot looking to now transition this gap having something with AS3X or better yet with SAFE is an appealing option, as the "oh crap" switch can really help to save some dollars while learning to push limits acrobatically.


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Most of what you mentioned has been reviewed to death......Look back thru the video archives and you'll find tons of AS3X equipped planes. I agree that they should do some more reviews though. There's some new stuff out there like the big T28 from horizon hobby and they should test the SBA Spark indestruckto plane. BTW, the aprentice S is a wonderful plane for just about any skill level! No vices means hours in the sky. Just take a dozen batteries with you!


I think the biggest thing isn't necessarily the types of planes: just to review some of this new batch of products that have been recently released the past few months. There has been a large emphasis on FT product lately I get that is what supports the show and resulting endeavors. I have built and bought many of these designs myself and plan to continue to do so. But it would be great to get a perspective on other products, especially products out there at different skill levels and starting to look forward to the upcoming indoor flying a lot of us will be transitioning too.


the night visionaire is alot of fun, however due to it's weight it does not handle wind very well. If you want something more aerobatic other than flite test here would be my recomidations

1) PA Extra MX
2) 3DHS AJ slick
3) night visionaire

while the PA and 3dhs are more expensive they are much more fun to fly and can be toned down quite a bit, then once you get better you can make it an ultimate 3d plane. The nighvisionaire is fun but it is too light for wind. I went from a BNF Trojan T-28 from parkzone to the PA Extra MX and loved it. Just make sure someone helps you build it/setup and maiden it.

if you are looking for a more indoor solution check out


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the did do a nightvisionaire episode but I agree with more reviews. If they need funding for reviews they should do a GoFundMe page to collect some money.