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Pumpkin drop event

Intermittent pulsing as I throttle up

Quick update - got a voltage checker. Reading 4.06, 4.06, and 4.08 for cells 1,2, and 3 respectively. 12.2 for all. Reads same as I throttle up the plane.
Ok so new ESC installed, didn’t seem to change anything. Put the new motor in and it seems to have solved it. Maiden flight this weekend to be sure. Going to try new motor with old ESC to fully isolate the problem. But too excited to fly to mess with that now.

It’s possible I used too long of a screw installing the original motor onto the firewall. FT ships three lengths and I chose the middle sized one. Not sure if that did it, but that’s my working theory for now.

Serious thanks to FT! And all your recommendations. But FT was like “oh it’s not working, we’ll send you a replacement motor and ESC no charge.” (!!!!!!!)
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I know nothing!
I bought power pack A and the mini corsair build a few weeks back. Just finished the whole project. Immediately running into a similar problem that I saw someone else hit with Power Pack C on another thread. They posted this youtube video which shows my exact problem. The build is all straight "out of the box" stuff from Flite Test. I'm new to the hobby so I'm not customizing or anything yet.

I didn't see an exact resolution on that thread or things to really try. Just hoping to get some troubleshooting ideas.

So far, I've:
  1. Ensured battery is fully charged
  2. Re-calibrated the ESC with transmitter throttle range.
  3. Checked the motor connections to the ESC.
  4. Check connections to the transmitted for ESC
Other ideas?


Noob mistake. I'm one of those, and yep I made that mistake.