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Introducing, the TubeWing! FT Shipped me push rods in a cardboard tube and.......

So I am fairly new to the hobby but have a ton of fun building these foam planes. I ordered some push rods and other items from FT for my next build and they showed up in a cardboard tube with a 2" ID. As soon as I saw it I couldn't help but want to make it fly. So here's what happened next......

2014-10-15 21.25.40.jpg
2014-10-15 21.34.03.jpg
2014-10-15 22.35.16.jpg
2014-10-15 22.36.26.jpg
2014-10-16 19.02.23.jpg
2014-10-16 19.03.08.jpg
2014-10-16 21.10.52.jpg
2014-10-16 21.11.03.jpg
2014-10-16 21.21.38.jpg
2014-10-16 21.43.21.jpg
2014-10-16 22.51.16.jpg

Planning to add some fins and try it out soon....:D

Hope you all like it.



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Kind of reminds me of when we were kids getting Christmas presents, and playing with the boxes.


butch b.

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I like your idea, as you I've been a old school since the early 60s though and myself nothing is imposable maybe improbable & love to come up with things that people ask me why are you doing that just buy one already made like PNF or RTF & I say it's that because I built it myself !!! But back to your idea, your making a swappable is a "AWSOME IDEA" I like what your doing and please don't give up till it's air-born !!! It's a "NEAT IDEA" a swappable Jet-like plane and will be looking for a follow-up !!!
Thanks Butch B.

There definitely is something to be said for the feeling of one that you built yourself.....although it makes the crashing a little more painful. :p

I'm glad you like it. I'll follow up in a few days with a "fin"ished product (see what I did there?) and hopefully a YouTube link to a successful maiden. Its actually pretty well balanced before battery is in and glides pretty well when thrown. Fingers Crossed! :)
Finished it up today with some fins and some push-rod guides since they were bending. The weather has not been cooperating much around here so I haven't tried to fly it yet. I did find out its a little nose heavy so I'm gonna make the tail end of the tube the battery compartment. My 1300 3S slide in there snugly and balance it out near perfect. It'll look much cleaner than sticking them to the bottom too. Stay tuned for a maiden video.

2014-10-18 13.27.43.jpg
The Maiden Flights

Well, The TubeWing went for a few flights today and overall it was a success. Keep in mind I am an extremely inexperienced flyer and have no experience with flying wing designs but I think with a little tweaking to my control setup this will be a good flyer.....

There was a 4th flight that lasted a few minutes with several long "controlled" loops and a gentle landing.....into a tree (with no damage). The plane is shockingly durable BTW.

More to come in the future.
Pretty good for a new flyer in high wind IMO! Sweet custom build!
Thanks SnowRocker! I wish I had a video of the 4th flite but we diddnt have enough hands at that point. :)
I'll video my next attempts when the weather cooperates.

Actually, after the 1st flight, we increased from a 8X4.5 (which snapped in the dirt) to a 9X6 and it was a much better match for the model. I just need more practice now and some more tweaking to my control setup.
If anyone is following this post, It's looking like some better weather in our area this weekend, so hopefully I'll be updating with some new flight video. I'm going to add landing gear to the power pod as well so I don't have to smash my lipos on the ground....lol