Irish Softball Olympic Dreams - Any Irish out there?


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If you have seen my videos you may have guessed that I am not from the US - my wife and I are originally Irish so both of my kids have dual US / Irish citizenship.

My eldest has played softball here since she was 8 and now, at 18, she is heading to college in the fall to play for WashU, St Louis. She was selected to play for the Irish National Softball team in 2017 and competed in the U19 World Championships in Florida. Last summer, she played with the team in Europe at the European U19 and U22 championships where they won Silver and Bronze medals respectively.

This year is a big one for the team. They are playing in the European Championships in the Czech Republic and Poland in June in order to move forward to the 2020 Olympic qualifiers in the Netherlands in July.
Softball Ireland is fully funded by the players and their families through direct fees and fundraising efforts driven by the players. This year they have teamed up with the Baseball United Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization based in New York to help with fundraising.

Thus my post.
If you are interested in supporting the Irish Softball team because you are Irish or because your great-great-great-great.....grandparent was Irish, your support would be appreciated.

You can donate at my daughter's Crowdrise fundraising site.

Thanks in advance!