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Is a Giant-Scale Intervention in my Future?

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Pictured below is a giant-scale SU-26 as sold by Nitro Planes until a few years ago, when it was discontinued. Wingspan is 101", and it's designed for an 85-100cc engine. I may or may not end up with this plane, but am thinking hard about trying to make this happen. It would be another project on the shelf for a while, but it's a lot of plane for $300, and I may be able to horse-trade that cost down a bit. I guess a trailer to haul planes is in my future... :)



Wake up! Time to fly!
I been here a few years now. Im pretty sure its more of a general intervention needed for you not just large scale. 😁

Wonder if you could aquire a house mortgage using your fleet as collateral.....🤔 hrrrrrmmmm


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I run a lightening aluminum 5x8. It has 118" deck to the v up front. Super light, tows behind my jeep and fits in my garage. I have 2 deep cycles for charging. Everything always ready to go. I just start some batteries charging, hookup and head to the field. I have 2 60cc birds on the bottom, and a bunch of others on a second deck up top. That being said, my big stuff is a horrible pita compared to my seaduck.

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Looks like my intervention has been postponed. :) I couldn't pass up the deal. In the foreground is a Tower Trainer .60 that I built for my friend, after it lost a battle with a tree. It was powered by a 4 stroke glow engine, and way overpowered. Heck, I think it was able to take off in less than 3 feet! He loved flying that plane and wants it back, so the trade was for a re-build of the Tower Trainer, using a new in box Tower Trainer 60 I have in my stash. I'll re-build it as it was, but with a bolt-on wing to better handle the power. He's also getting some labor from me to fix some other planes up which evens out the trade. The Sukhoi fuselage is a BEAST! :)