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Is the FT flyer and the Swappables series still available?

Recently I've spent some time looking at the different models I could buy from Flite Test but I couldn't help to notice that the FT flyer, nutball, and the delta don't seem to be in the store anymore.

Did the original swappable series go out of production? and if so where can I get my hands on one?

Ryan O.

Elite member
That's too bad. The Flyer was my first real RC plane and now I feel like getting it back in the air. I crashed mine quite a few times, but it is still airworthy. I think that if you want to scratch build yours you could probably do it, but I don't recommend it as a first plane.


Elite member
The FT Flyer is neat, but as I remember it, it kind-of does a falling-leaf thing through the air at slow speeds and in turns. It doesn't fly like a normal airplane, so it's not the most intuitive to fly. It was my first FT plane, but I learned to fly on a Hobby Zone Champ. I think if I'd done it the other way round it would have been a lot harder.