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Is there a B-25 in our future?? (Please! Oh, Please!!!!)

I've seen some videos of that F-14 in action on the FT FB and, yes, it does have fully working swingwings. And you can see one of the three in that preview snap there having full flying horizontal stabs rather than static stabs and elevators as well. Definitely a Master Series build and I'm insanely curious how they're gonna make all of that function while also being reasonably easy for someone to build.

Cool, the F14 is actually considerably easier to assemble than the Master Series Corsair. I really cannot wait to see this released :)

I will go ahead and upload a recent vid


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That B-25 (both I guess, mini too!) Is AWESOME! Sign me up!

Oh, and the P-38... that's right up there with the DH.88 for a top favorite plane of all time!!!