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Is there any good support for multirotor aerobatics in any sim?

Hi all, I have the sim Phoenix myself and lately switched from planes to quadcopters. To get a feel how to do aerobatics with them, I of course started at the place where you can crash your vehicles for free, the simulator. Now, big issue I noticed in Phoenix is how limited the support seems for multirotors... Or I must have overlooked something. I can't find options like changing things like stick-scaling, so flipping the bi-... Quad goes slow and sluggish in most cases unless you manage the throttle right. Phoenix has so far only the Gaui 330X and Blade mQX, the latter in Plus and X setup. The tiny nimble Blade flips pretty okay, though still slow at times, but the Gaui feels like a brick when it comes to aerobatics. Now they do have Realflight at the local flying club that I'm a member of, but it's an older version and the only 'quadcopter' that one seems to have is the Wolfspider, which is crazy fun and fast but doesn't fly like a real quadcopter.

Sooo, long story short, are there any sims out there that do have good multirotor support? Perhaps even to the point where you can change PID settings, even simulate oscillation? As I would love that, that way you could practice configurating a multirotor without the risk of wasting one to bad settings in a crash.

Update: Just found out that Phoenix does have some Aileron-Elevator scaling, but it is limited to 150% sadly...
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Not sure. I've got Phoenix and I agree that their quads are fairly horrible. Both have autolevel on that's not configurable. I still fly on the Blade a bit, but it's so easy that it's not really training at all for a real multirotor, even one with autolevel. I just wish I could have a heli but with the appearance of a multirotor, since at least the helis have closer flight characteristics (namely no autolevel).