Help! Is there any more information on the Gremlin Turbo/sidewinder?

Hi, we are a couple of students and our teacher has 3 FT turbo gremlin “sidewinders”, and we really want to build it but there was very little information on it on Flite test’s website, YouTube and these forums apart from some articles and videos that did not really explain much of how to build the quadcopter. If we can get any help on how to build it we would be very thankful.


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I've only built two quads, neither was a Gremlin, so I won't be able to give you answers specific to this frame, but I may be able to answer more general questions.
The build looks pretty straightforward to me; Screw the motors to the motor pads, use standoffs to mount the boards to the center of the base frame. Solder the motors to the control board, plug it in and verify the motors are spinning the right way. The camera appears to mount to some 3D printed bits that slide over the long standoffs which hold the small plate on top of the quad.
Hooking up the RX to the Flight Controller and programming the FC are going to be specific to this quad.

I found a review video of this build which has some good pictures of the finished product.
Thank you very much! One of the main things that was confusing us was the soldering, but that has been going semi well so far. If that video happens to have any pictures of the electronics we would greatly appreciate it! We were also confused on how that camera went on but you answered our question about that. Thank you very much and if we have any questions on the drone we will let you know.